Dana Madera

IT WAS PERFECT!!!! ... It paid off and I did PASS!!!!

Hi Tim,

I did the strategies you told me regarding studying (although I did find an app for my ipad with e-flash cards!) which helped a ton. I did what you told us to do with regard to the strategy for taking the test ie reading it all over, then doing what you know first, then the harder ones then the math. IT WAS PERFECT!!!! I do admit I wished we covered a bit more of the math in our class, because I was a bit overwhelmed at home going over it. It paid off and I did PASS!!!!

YAY I am not in that 20% failure rate and I thank you so ooooo much for the great class, instruction and sense of humor you added to it. I had to go to Woburn to take my test today, because I really wanted to get it done sooner rather than later….and it was worth the ride. Thanks so much again and if you ever need help, I would love to teach using your style. It was great and made it enjoyable instead of unbearable for us all cramming into two weekends!

God Bless…

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