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Tim… I have been licensed since 1987 and continuing ed course is by far the best that I have participated in. Your tone of voice, clear explanation of the law and superb examples make this course an educational and enjoyable experience.
Cynthia WoodwardLicensed SalespersonSpringfield MaSantaniello Real Estate

The interaction, stories, alibiing and explanations really made the material come together for me. Read more
Joseph AbbasciaReal Estate BrokerWorcesterProperties Central Realty

Thank you so much for your great class! Tim suggested how to study & why. Answered all of my questions and offered us a wealth of knowledge! I scheduled my test soon after class finished (just like Tim suggested) and studied for the amount of time (Tim suggested) and passed on my 1st try!
Donna RovedoReal Estate SalespersonFranklin, MACostello Realty

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