Reinstate Expired Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson or Broker License

Your real estate license in Massachusetts can fall into 3 categories.

  • Active:
    • You have to completed 12 hours of continuing education that we as real estate agents need to complete every 2 years.
    • You have paid your license renewal fee
      • $103 for Salesperson’s License
      • $142 for Broker’s License
  • Inactive:
    • You have not completed your 12 hours of continuing education
    • You have paid for your license renewal fee
  • Expired:
    • You have not completed your 12 hours of continuing education
    • You did not pay your license renewal fee

When your license falls in the Active category you can receive referral fees for the referrals that you pass other Brokerages.  You can receive referrals fees even if your real estate license in not associated with a brokerage.  However, to receive a commission for helping a Buyer, Seller, Landlord or Tenant.  Your real estate license must be associated with a Brokerage.

It is very easy to reactive an In-Active real estate license. To reactive your Massachusetts Salesperson or Broker license.  You just need to complete 12 hours of  continuing education and fill out License Reactivation Form.

If your Massachusetts Salesperson or Broker license falls in the Expired category.  If it expired more than 2 years you will need to fill out the Request for Reinstatement Application.  You will also need to complete 12 hours of continuing education.

To reactive or reinstate your real estate license it will take about 4 to 6 weeks once the Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons has received all your paperwork.

48 thoughts on “Reinstate Expired Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson or Broker License

  1. My license EXPIRED 11/8/2018, I have taken the credits. it is less than 2 years expired. i am having the worst time finding the right form.where do i stand is it a reinstatement of inactive or renewal. any of the reinstatement forms say it should have expired more than 2 years ago.

    lic number 1000042

    thanks for your help

    • Paul,
      Hello! When your license expires. You have 2 years from the expiration date to reactive your license and pay a late fee. There is no paperwork that you need to complete.
      To reactivate your license you need to go to the boards website and pay for your license renewal online. If you have never paid for your license online. You will need to create an account and link your license to that account.
      If you do not have the renewal paperwork that the board mailed you. You will need to call the board to ask them for your Record ID/license number and Authorization Code (617) 727-3074.

  2. I had my real estate license 14 years ago; I let it expire and never took continuing education classes.

    Is it better to retake the classes/exam at this point? Any advice is appreciated.

    • Hello! Thank you for coming to us for help with your real estate license. The state does not let you retake the class if you have an expired license. You will need to fill out the application to reinstate your license. You can find the request for application as a link in the blog post on our website.
      You will also need to complete 12 hours of continuing education. The state allows us to complete our real estate continuing education online. We have 6 classes each class is 2 hours to equal 12 hours.
      Please let us know if we can help answer any other questions for you.

      • hello,
        I too have an expired license, the link for application to renew has an “oooops” message, the link / application is not longer there. Is there an alternative?

          • I just tried to get that same form and received and OOOPs message, please help I need to reactivate my MA License. thank you

  3. My real estate license expired in 2011. I’ve taken the 12 hours of continuing education and filled out the request to renew form for an expired license. What else should be sent in to the board? What is the fee? Thank you in advance.

    • Hello! Thank you so much for coming to our school for help with reinstating your real estate license. The board just updated the reinstate application. You need to mail in the application and CORI (CRIMINAL OFFENDER RECORD INFORMATION) form with your 12 hours of continuing education certificate. Once the board processes your application and runs your CORI. They will send you a letter letting you know if you can reinstate your license and the fee that will need to be paid.
      Please make sure you have the correct application. You should be printing out the Reinstatement Application. Please let us know if we can help answer any other questions.

  4. I am a MA Licensed attorney. My RE Broker License expired almost nine (9) years ago. How long will it take to reinstate the expired license?

    • Anthony,
      As an attorney you still have to fill out the application to reinstate your license. You do not have to complete 12 hours of continuing education. The process takes a few weeks.

  5. Hi, I was a resident of CT and licensed as a Sales agent and then a Broker. I was licensed for a total of 8 years between the two. My broker license expired in 2010 i believe and i am now a resident of Ma. What would i need to do to become licensed again? Can i go straight for my broker license since i have the years of agent experience? If so how do I go about doing that even though it was in another state? thank you for your help.

    • Crissy,
      Hello! Did you have your Brokers license through Massachusetts or Connecticut?
      1. If it was Connecticut. Then you will have to retake the class for your Salesperson license and work for a Brokerage for 3 years before becoming eligible to become a Broker her in Massachusetts.
      2. If you had your license through Massachusetts, then you just need to complete 12 hours of continuing education and fill out the application to reinstate your expired Broker license.

  6. Hi, My Real Estate license expired in 2000. Can this be reinstated? and where can in take the 12 hour continued education online?

    • Wendy,
      Hello! Yes you can reinstate your license. You just have to complete 12 hours of continuing education and mailing the application. The board will let you know the cost for reinstating your license after they approve your application.

    • Wendy,
      Yes, your license can be reinstated. You just need to fill out the application and complete 12 hours of continuing education. You can complete the continuing education either online or physical location. Many of the Realtor Associations have in person classes that you can register for. We offer 6 classes as online videos that you watch at your own pace. Each class is 2 hours.

  7. Hi , I am trying to activate an expired Ma RE salesperson license from 2001. I completed and submitted the state application, at this point do I wait for a response or should I proceed to taking the required 12 hours of CE?

    • Angelo,
      Hello! Yes you need to complete your 12 hours of continuing education before you mailed in the reinstatement application. Right at the top of the application it tells you that you need to complete the 12 hours before mailing in the paperwork.

      All licensees requesting an active status on the Reinstatement Application (except Massachusetts Attorneys in Good
      Standing) must complete twelve (12) hours of continuing education before signing and returning the Reinstatement
      Application (list of Board approved Schools at Licensees holding a current inactive
      license requesting an active license must complete a License Reactivation Form.

    • Sheila,
      Thank you so much for coming to our school to reinstate your real estate license. We set up an account for you and emailed you on Monday. Feel free to give us a call if you did not receive our emails.

  8. I’m about to begin the process of reinstating an expired licence. I need to take the 12 credit CE classes, and submit the form. I can not locate my old license and therefor I don’t remember the license number or expiration date. How can I go about getting this info?

    Thank you,

    • Terrence,
      Congratulation on reinstating your real estate license. You can check a license on the Division of Professional Licensure website.
      To search for your information you just need choose the correct Board, license type and enter in your information.

      1. Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons
      2. Either a Salesperson or Broker license
      3. Either your license number or Full Name

    • Bill the real estate license is up for renewal every 2 years. If your license expired 10 years ago you will be required to pay for 5 renewals. If your reinstating your Salesperson license the fee is $103 every 2 years. So reinstate your license after 10 years the cost would be 5 renewals x $103 = $515 plus any late fees or reinstatement fees.

    • Bill,
      You have to pay for each renewal that you missed, a late fee and a reinstatement fee. The renewal fee for Salesperson License $103 and Broker License $146 every 2 years.

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  10. QUESTION: My license expired 11/1/2017. I do not want to sell right now, but wish to keep my license up. First, what do I do and second. How can I keep my license updated without paying board dues, etc. Also, what if I want to only refer clients to other agents? 2 scenarios here. Thank you.

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  13. Hi,

    I was a real estate salesperson in MA between 2008-2010, however, my license is expired and I now live in NC and want to get my real estate license here. Should I reinstate my MA license, take the 12 hrs of credits and transfer it to NC, or begin from scratch in NC? I know that there is limited reciprocity between the two states? What’s the most efficient and cost-effective path forward. Thank you!

  14. I have been trying to get my license to remain active for over a year I first sent in the fee as well as the form which was never received I did not find that out until May 2021 my license has been revoked January 2021 I have sent send in the reinstatement form with the fee notarized and I’m now being told that I need to address a letter to the board with my copy of my consent form requesting a reinstatement. This is the first I’ve ever heard of this form nor do I know where to obtain it or if I’m sending it to a physical address or an email address any help would be greatly appreciate it I have been on this quest for over a year I am just trying to reinstate my license this is killing me please help anyone

  15. I had my Mass real estate license about 10-12 years ago and let it expire. I also have the RI reciprocal license, what do I need to do to reinstate both licenses? I live in Mass

  16. Hello,
    I had a real estate license back in 2007 when I lived in GA, I do not believe I ever transferred that to MA and it is expired by now. I would like to know what is the process for reinstating my license. please help.
    Thank you

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  18. My salesperson license expired in January 2023. I want to active it to an inactive status. I believe this will allow me to do referrals without belonging to a brokerage firm. Can you tell me what the process is?

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