Help put a smile on a child’s face

  On a very cold January Tim and I packed up our things and moved out the Western Mass so that I could attend UMass.  We didn’t realize how that move was going to change our lives.  You never know where the road is going to take you or who is going to come across your path.  Over the last 16 years we have been very fortunate to meet and help so many amazing individuals.  Both as real estate Brokers and instructors.
 One of Liz’s very first clients his name is Robert Charland.  He’s a single Dad in Springfield.  He’s made it his life mission to give back to the youth of Greater Springfield.  He has been a girl scout troop leader, softball coach, mentor, teacher and he donates his time when and where ever he can.
  A few years ago he started to collect used bike and repair them on his own time.  He’s been able to donate 68 bikes to children in the local area.  He recently started a non-profit organization Pedal Through Youth He unfortunately also found out that he has a terminal illness.  His goal for the time that he has left is to create this program and have it continue after he is gone.
  We would like to ask that if you have an old bike you’d like to donate you can drop it off at Lyndale Garage at 87 Warehouse Street in Springfield.  If you don’t have a bike to donate or you live out of the area.  He has a gofundme page,“Pedal Thru Youth Startup”.  All  amount are welcome the funds are used to help Bob purchase necessary parts for repairs.
Interview on channel 22 news: