Exciting News! Now Teaching In Person Massachusetts Real Estate Classes In Worcester!


This year we made it a goal to start teaching class again in person.  Keller Williams Pinnacle Central in Worcester has invited us back to use their office on the weekends to teach in person classes.

Scheduling the Massachusetts real estate exam with PSI

    As of March 4th, 2019 PSI and the Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons have changed the way you register for the test.  The Board was having issues with people not being honest or making mistakes about their criminal history.  After you passed your exam and paid for your license the Board would then run a CRIMINAL OFFENDER RECORD INFORMATION (CORI) check.  We have been told that they have had to pull to many licenses because the CORI check came back positive for criminal activity.
    In order to prevent this mistakes from happening.  The Board now requires that everyone fill out an application and mail in all supporting documents with the payment for the test to PSI.
    For all of our students that took the class with us in the last two years.  If your PSI booklet has not yet expired.  You still qualify to take the test.  You just need to download the correct application either the Salesperson or Broker Application depending on which exam you are trying to take.
    If you have already filled out and completed the 3 good moral character references, the CORI form, Broker work experience certificate or the Bond for Broker Students.  Do not worry.  You can send those forms in with your application.  Remove them from your old PSI Candidate Bulletin neatly.
Application Checklist:
  1. Application is legible, complete, and signed
  2. Current Picture is attached
  3. Correct Fee is attached (Money Order or Cashier’s Check) or Credit Card information included (no cash)
  4. Appropriate Education is documented and signed
  5. Endorsements (3 Character References)
  6. CORI acknowledgment form is completed and attached
  1. Application is legible, complete, and signed
  2. Current MA license number and issue date is indicated (Brokers Only)
  3. Current Picture is attached
  4. Correct Fee is attached (Money Order or Cashier’s Check) or Credit Card information
  5. Appropriate Education is documented and signed
  6. Appropriate work experience is documented and signed (Brokers Only)
  7. Endorsements
  8. $5000 Surety Bond (Brokers only)
  9. CORI acknowledgment form is completed and attached

Complete and forward the application to:
PSI Examination Services
ATTN: Examination Registration MA RE
3210 E Tropicana Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Email: Sandra Nadal snadal@psionline.com

Fax no. is 702-932-2666

Live Webinar Salesperson and Broker Classes

LiveWebinar-2  The end of last year the state made it possible for us to teach the 40 hour Salesperson and Broker prelicense classes as live webinar.  How exciting is that.  You can take the class any where that you have high speed internet access with your computer.
  As soon as we found out that we could teach the class online.  We were jumping for joy.  So many students were already asking us about taking the classes online.
  We decided to teach our webinar salesperson prelicense students at the same time that we are teaching our live weekend classes on Sat and Sun from 8am to 6pm.  We are also going to be teaching the broker prelicense class as a webinar class on Wednesday from 8am to 6pm.
  To take the live webinar you will need to have:
  1. A PC or Mac computer
  2. High speed internet
  3. Headphones with a microphone
  4. Webcam
  To complete the class we will need to see you and be able to interact with you for the entire class.  Our schedule of classes can be found on our website.