Where are the PSI testing center to take my Real Estate license exam in Massachusetts?

Once you have completed the 40 hours prelicense Salesperson or Broker class.  You will be given a Candidate Bulletin from PSI.  You will need to complete and mail in your application and paperwork to be able to schedule your exam with PSI.

If you have not yet done this please read Scheduling the Massachusetts real estate exam with PSI. PSI will contact you to let you know that you are able to schedule your appointment.  There are 5 locations to take the test.  The test is available Monday through Saturday.  The testing times are 8am, 12pm or 4pm.

The testing locations are:

PSI-48 Sword St #204, Auburn, MA 01501Auburn
48 Sword St, Unit 204
Auburn, MA 01501

PSI-56 Roland St., Suite 305 Washington Crossing Charlestown, MA 02129Boston
56 Roland St., Suite 305
Washington Crossing
Charlestown, MA 02129

218 South Main St, Suite 105 Fall River, MA 02721 Fall River
218 South Main St, Suite 105
Fall River, MA 02721

Parking Garage ONLY excepts CASH

1 Ballard Way, Suite 104 Lawrence, MA 01843Lawrence
1 Ballard Way, Suite 104
Lawrence, MA 01843

1111 Elm Street, Suite 32A West Springfield, MA 01089West Springfield
1111 Elm Street, Suite 32A
West Springfield, MA 01089


23 thoughts on “Where are the PSI testing center to take my Real Estate license exam in Massachusetts?

    • We have contacted both PSI and the board to asked when the testing centers will reopen. Right now there is no clear plan on when the testing centers will be reopen.

    • Tom we hope you have been able to schedule your exam. The testing centers re-opened the 2nd week of June. Many of our students have been having troubles getting anyone to answer their phone calls, so they have been scheduling the test by going to PSIExams.com. Good luck!

  1. I have not had any success reaching someone since they have opened, I have been calling every week. I am not able to schedule online because it still says I need approval it doesn’t look like my application has been reviewed I’ve mailed and emailed my application. Not sure what to do.

  2. Are tests currently being conducted at testing centers during the COVID-19 pandemic? I am looking to take the course, however I don’t want to take it with no possible test date available in the near future.
    Thank you.

  3. Do you know how long the wait time is to get a date to take the exam? I am wondering if its going to take several months?

    • Hello Santo! Once you finish the class you have to mail in your application. The application approval process is taking 4 to 6 weeks. Once your application has been approved you can schedule the test. Our students have been telling us they can schedule the test fairly quickly once they have received approval.

    • Santo,
      The wait time in not the test dates, but the processing of the application. I hope you turned in your application already and have heard back. We were just told that it’s taking 2 to 3 months for the applications to be processed. PSI just started to offer remote testing, so you should have not issue finding a test date. You can know take it at a physical location or remotely from home. Here’s a link to our blog post for more information on remote testing, http://baystateacademy.net/realestatetraining/blog/2473/psi-remote-testing-massachusetts-real-estate-exam/

  4. Hi Liz – My daughter sent her in paperwork weeks ago (November) and has not received the info she needs to verify completion of the class. Has sent emails and made phone calls only to put me on hold for hours so finally gave up. Who can she reach out to for help?

  5. I am scheduled to take the test at 55 Boston Providence Hwy
    Norwood  Massachusetts  02062  USA in a few days . I drove to the location and did not see a PSI sign. Do you know if this is a valid location?

    • Hello! The board has given PSI permission to use other PSI locations to provide the real estate exams. It may be a new location or they may just not have a sign on the door.

  6. I took my exam online and passed the test. I was told that I would receive my license number immediately upon passing the test but I have not received anything. How can I obtain my license number?

  7. are you able to share any more information about this location now that it’s been a few weeks? Is there a specific suite number to enter? Does this site license you on the spot if you pass the test, or is it ONLY to administer the test and if you pass, you have to go to one of the standard locations listed above (auburn, fall river, etc.) to get your license?

  8. If I take my PSI test in Norwood and pass will you get your license on the spot at that location or do you have to drive to one of the above locations listed?

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