Massachusetts real estate license application process

For many of you this may not apply, but if you know someone that has taken the prelicense class for their Salesperson or Broker license within the last 2 years. You may want to share this information with them.

For our students that completed the prelicense class with us in the last two years. If you turned in the application and have passed the exam. Congratulations!!! For those of you that have not yet sent in your application to PSI. Time maybe running out for you. I just found out that PSI is taking longer to process the application.

You have two years from the date that you completed the class to turn in your application and take the exam. You will not be given any extra time, because it is taking PSI longer to process the application. No matter if you sent in the application and are waiting to hear about your approval. If your certificate expires you will need to retake the class to be eligable to take the exam and resubmit your application.

Why is it taking longer for PSI to process the applications? A few of the people that process the applications have left. They are working on hiring new employees, but that’s still going to take time to train them. The Board has told us that applications are taking upto two months to be processed. So, get your application in ASAP.

The best way to turn in your application is by scanning it and emailing it to:

Massachusetts Real Estate License PSI Bulletin Overview

Hello!  Thank you for completing the 40 Prelicense class with us.  The video below goes over the PSI Bulletin.  This video will go over:

  1. How you qualify for the test.
  2. Contact information for PSI:
    • (855) 340-3704, and speak with a live registrar, available
      Monday through Friday between 7:30 am and 10:00 pm, and Saturday-Sunday between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm, Eastern Time
    • Email address:
  3. How you can schedule your exam:
    • Call (855) 340-3704 or
  4. What you need to do to create an account on PSI’s website
    • If you email the application into PSI.  Processing takes between 10-12 BUSINESS days from receipt of all “Complete” applications. After 20-25 business days, you may go online or call PSI to schedule the examination.
  5. What you need to bring with you the day of the test:
    • Your credit card, debit card or check book to pay for your real estate license
    • Two forms of idea that match.  The two forms of ID must be either one from the Primary ID List and one from the Secondary ID List or two from the Primary ID List.
      • PRIMARY IDENTIFICATION (with photo) – Choose One
        ▪ Government issued driver’s U.S. Department of State Driver’s License
        ▪ U.S. Learner’s Permit (plastic card only with photo and signature)
        ▪ National/State/Country Identification Card
        ▪ US Government Issued Passport or Passport Card
        ▪ US Government Issued Military Identification Card
        ▪ US Government Issued Military Identification Card for spouses and dependents
        ▪ US Government Issued Alien Registration Card (Green Card, Permanent Resident Visa)
        NOTE: ID must contain candidate’s photo, be valid and unexpired.
        ▪ Credit/Debit Card (must be signed)
        ▪ Social Security Card
        ▪ Any form of ID on the Primary list
        *NOTE: Student ID and employment ID are NOT acceptable forms of identification.
  6. Security procedures at the 5 PSI locations
    1. Auburn
      48 Sword St, Unit 204
      Auburn, MA 01501
    2. Boston
      56 Roland St., Suite 305
      Washington Crossing
      Charlestown, MA 02129
    3. Fall River
      218 South Main St, Suite 105
      Fall River, MA 02721
    4. Lawrence
      1 Ballard Way, Suite 104
      Lawrence, MA 01843
    5. West Springfield
      1111 Elm Street, Suite 32A
      West Springfield, MA 01089
  7. Taking the proctored exam from home online.
    • You need to test your system to make sure your internet connection, webcam and microphone/speaker is compatible with PSI proctored exam program.  The proctored exam cannot be taken on an iPad, tablet, kindle or phone.  You have to take the exam on a PC or Mac. click to test your system
    • You have to find time when no one is going to enter the room for 4 hours.
    • Your webcam and microphone has to be on at all times during the exam.
    • You cannot get up to use the bathroom.
    • You cannot have anything on your desk/table.
    • You will need to show the proctor your 2 forms of ID
  8. Retaking the exam
    • The test that you are taking is 2 parts – General/Federal Exam and Massachusetts Exam.
    • You need to score a 70% or better on each part to pass the exam.
    • If you do not pass, not a problem.  If your certificate has not expired you can schedule another exam. You only have to retake the part of the exam that you did not pass.  So, if you passed the Massachusetts portion of the exam you only have to take the General/Federal portion of the exam.
    • You can take the exam as many times as you like, as long as your certificate is not expired.
    • Exam fee $54
    • You can always reschedule the exam and you will not loose your testing fee if you reschedule your exam 48 hours or 2 full days before your test appointment.
  9. Paying for your real estate license when you pass the exam:
    • Salesperson fees are between $103 and $150, and broker fees between $142 and $200. You will also be required to pay a $12 PSI licensing fee.
  10. Test Outline

Good luck and please let us know if you need any help with questions.

Video going over PSI Bulletin:


PSI Bulletin

Salesperson PSI Application

Broker PSI Application

Massachusetts Real Estate License Application for PSI

As of March 2019 the Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons (Board) has made it a requirement that you turn in an application before being able to schedule your exam for Brokers and Salesperson exam.  This means anyone that has taken the class after March 2019 and 2 years before (March 2017 to March 2019) must turn in the application to PSI.

PSI will not forward the application to the Board until they receive the entire application.  So, that means if you forget to send them one page or do not fill in the application correctly.  You then have to be contacted by them either by email or mail and then it takes even longer for your application to be approved.  So this does not happen we have created a video to explain exactly how to fill out the application and where to send.

The application can be emailed or mailed in.  If you are going to email the application make sure to scan the application as a PDF document.

Email address:

Mailing address:

PSI Examination Services
ATTN: Examination Registration MA RE
3210 E Tropicana Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Good luck and please let us know if you need any help with questions.

Video going over how to fill out the application:


If you took the Broker or Salesperson class before March 2018.  If your Candidates Eligible via Education Certificate has not yet expired.  Remember you only have 2 years from the date you complete the class to take the exam.  You can use the Certificate, Candidate Endorsement and the CORI (if notarized already) pages from the PSI Bulletin that you received when you finished class.  Just make sure to remove them from the PSI Bulletin carefully.

Salesperson PSI Application

Broker PSI Application

Where do I send my application to take the Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson or Broker license exam?

As of March 2019 the Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons has made it a requirement that anyone that completes the 40 hour prelicense Salesperson or Broker class has to send in an application.  The application has to be approved before you are allowed to schedule your exam with PSI.

You can mail in the application:

PSI Examination Services
ATTN: Examination Registration MA RE
3210 E Tropicana Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Or scan it and email it to: